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New Covid-19 Swab Test Robot Offers Safe, More Comfortable Procedure for Patients

The machine, which is 35cm by 40cm, and 49cm high, was developed by clinicians from the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Duke-NUS Medical School , in collaboration with medical robotics company Biobot Surgical.


Malaysia’s Robot City Gets Cranking

Seeking its own piece of Industry 4.0, Malaysia looks toward digitally-driven manufacturing for an edge in productivity and a better future.


Exploring the Promise of AI

Artificial intelligence has long been heralded as a game changer to the way we live and work. But is it the panacea that it appears to be?


This Robot Uses Artificial Intelligence With Deep Learning To Recycle Better

This collaborative robot uses artificial intelligence to help humans recycle more efficiently and reliably.


AI can Turbo-Charge Business, Little or Large

AI is all the rage, but do small and medium businesses truly understand it? That is the question.


COVID-19 Poised to Build a Robotic Ecosystem

One of the areas in which robotics has made the most progress has been at the front lines of coronavirus response assisting health workers and scientists.


Robotics Investments Trends; Are Amazon Drone Deliveries Coming?

The Robot Report Podcast, a podcast which brings conversations with robotics innovators straight to you. Tune in every Wednesday for discussions with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies, and other key members of the robotics community.


Robotic Cats Help Senior Citizens Ward Off Loneliness During COVID-19

“One of the best finds for combating these feelings are robo-pets. The power of these little 'cuddlers' is stunning..."


32 “Smart” Job Tracks Powered by Robotics & AI

Here’s what a little “intelligence” can bring to the life of a machine.


Bias in Data‐Driven Artificial Intelligence Systems - An Introductory Survey

The goal of this survey is to provide a broad multidisciplinary overview of the area of bias in AI systems, focusing on technical challenges and solutions as well as to suggest new research directions towards approaches well‐grounded in a legal frame.


Humans Will Add to AI’s Limitations

Perceptron, a distant ancestor of modern machine-learning algorithms.


A New AI Language Model Generates Poetry and Prose

GPT-3 can be eerily human-like—for better and for worse.


AI, Robots, and Ethics in the Age of COVID-19

We’ve seen an acceleration of the use of robotics to do the jobs of humans who have been ordered to stay at home or who have been redeployed within the workplace.


How Intelligent Is Your AI?

Ask these four questions to tell if your AI solution is really AI.


How Managers Can Enable AI Talent in Organizations

Leading a successful AI-enabled workforce requires key hiring, training, and risk management considerations.