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Happy New Year 2022!

On behalf of the President (Ms Shanlynn Lee) and the Executive Council, we wish you a fresh and wonderful start to the New Year 2022.


The Role of AI in Mental Health

A Harvard trained psychiatrist says that ongoing advances in Machine Learning (ML) coupled with Natural Language Processing (NLP) or even Computer Vision would make it easy to potentially predict future impairments in a subject’s mental capacities, based on speech or facial patterns.


AIBotics 2021 Go-Digital Series

Returning for another edition, the upcoming AIBotics 2021 Go-Digital Series promises deep dive into understanding Principles and the journey to Perfection for effective deployment of AI & Robotics solutions.


Launching of AIBotics Learning Communities (ALC)

Introducing our new set of learning communities. The community platform shall be a virtual living space, where you will find continuously updates with contents and snippet sharing on the respective themes.


AIBotics 2020 Season Finale Report

Summary of AIBotics 2020 Go-Digital Series.


Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Live Up to Its Hype?

Replication problems plague the field of AI, and the goal of general intelligence remains as elusive as ever.


Light-based Quantum Computer Exceeds Fastest Classical Supercomputers

The setup of lasers and mirrors effectively “solved” a problem far too complicated for even the largest traditional computer system.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in e-Learning

AI market is forecasted to reach $190.61 billion by 2025, reshaping a lot of industries, including e-learning.


Robot Shakes Things Up for Singapore Seniors

As part of a “Digital Inclusion” initiative, Singapore Government together with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, developed the RoboCoach, a robot exercise instructor for the elderly.


Would You Work With A Robot?

In the near future, will some of us have robotic colleagues?


AI Singapore: Empowering a Smart Nation

AI Singapore (AISG) was launched in June 2017 as an integrated, impact-driven, research and innovation program in artificial intelligence (AI) for the entire country.


A Robot is Better Than a Real Pet?

Surprisingly, there were good arguments favouring therapeutic robots instead of real pets.


How to Protect Humans in a Fully Automated Society

What happens when every job is replaced by a machine?


Down to the Sea in “Smart” Robots

From deep-sea rovers to digital clipper ships, surface and subsea builders race to introduce AI into their marine robots.


Technological Disruption Creates Jobs. Good Ones!

Helping workers take advantage of the new jobs that technology will create.