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10 Ways Robots Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic


The novel coronavirus crisis has increased public interest in robotic technologies and artificial intelligence, seen as effective resources in combating the pandemic.

Let us check some examples of how robots are addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 in Europe.

Inside the hospitals, robots can be deployed for disinfection, medicine and food delivery, vital signs monitoring, thus helping to significantly reduce the infection risk of all personnel.

1. Robots will roam the Hospitals of the Future, with an integrated infrastructure.

In Romania, a modular hospital for COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms was just opened.

“This is just a snapshot of how hospitals should have looked like during these times. We have talked extensively about Robotics and AI, but less about integration. This pandemic showed us just how useful robots can be during a crisis and the fact that they can actually save lives!”, says Ana Maria Stancu, euRobotics Board member and CEO of Bucharest Robots.

Bucharest Robots integrated a UVD robot which disinfected a space of 7500 sqm in just a few hours, two robots that offer information to patients and one waitress robot that delivers food, all without any human contact.

2. Robots that can disinfect hospital wards autonomously.

UVD, the Danish autonomous disinfection robot, can sanitize contaminated areas autonomously, without the intervention of medical staff. The robot uses UVC light and an autonomous robotic base. The UVD mobile disinfection robot developed by Blue Ocean Robotics together with its subsidiary UVD Robots and Odense University Hospital, won the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award 2020.

3. Robots deliver medicines, blood tests, food and help with hospital logistics in general.

In Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, the TIAGo Base robot of PAL Robotics can deliver food and it can carry objects such as medication and samples around in hospitals and similar environments. Check everything that PAL Robotics can do to alleviate COVID-19 crisis.

4. Robots help keep doctors safe from coronavirus.

In Italy, Tommy, a robot nurse, helps doctors and nurses in a hospital in Varese, Lombardia, to monitor vital signs from devices in the rooms, and allow corona virus patients to send messages to doctors.

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