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32 “Smart” Job Tracks Powered by Robotics & AI

Asian Robotics Review

Here’s what a little “intelligence” can bring to the life of a machine.

Next Time Mom Asks. Here Are 32 Answers

She’ll think you’re a genius, which you probably are…which she would love to believe. Then she could tell a thousand close friends that she raised a genius. And her soup was what made it all happen.

Robots may not need any of us, but robotics sure as hell does. Get in on the concept to birth cycle of a robot, and you’ll have a job for life. Here are 32 ways into that cycle for you to consider.

Look what AI and robotics are cooking up for your future. It’s amazing! The opportunities are massive. Look around the wheel, find something that excites you, and then follow the threads. Don’t be a dolt, do some research on it.

This upcoming semester of COVID, it’s going to be online classes, learning online, and, hopefully, excelling online. A difficult trio to pull off. Especially if you’re at home with mom. Yikes!

This school year Asian Robotics Review will launch a new column that looks a bit more closely at those 32 jobs, and we’ll interview people working them who love what they do. Probably not-too-slick Skype interviews, but you’ll get the drift.

It’s called Do Yourself a Favor. Join our mailing list, and we’ll alert you.

Mom is going to be so proud of you! So, do yourself a favor. OK?

BTW: While at home doing remote college this semester, don’t install Tinder on your mom’s phone and ask her to find you a date. Even if she insists. …Jus’ say’n.

We're on our way from robotics to “intelligent” robotics: A time when every robot will be AI enhanced, and those that aren’t will be gone.

Robots are replacing people, and now “intelligent” robots are out to replace their slow-witted or no-witted brethren. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), get ready for lots of “smart” jobs because of it.

The World Economic Forum put a lot of time anergy into creating a series of Transformation Maps. This one, a map for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, is quite amazing. The WEF has taken an incredibly complex mix of technology, and graphically displayed it all in one place.

The Transformation Map for Robotics is amazing, and even more amazing is the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the subtlety of putting Artificial Intelligence in front of the word Robotics is very telling on its own.

For 2020, follow the trails that emanate out from the center of this Transformation Map; by 2022, the central label may well have contracted to read only: Intelligent Robotics.

Five years ago, Artificial Intelligence would not have been a part of the central label, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; it would have read Robotics…only!


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