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A Day in the Sentient World of 2030

Richard Sear, Frost & Sullivan

Brain computing interface devices (BCIs) will emerge by 2025 and will reach market prevalence by 2030.

“Wake up, Matthew. Wake UP, Matthew. No really, WAKE UP, Matthew!”

The familiar sound ringing in my ears each morning greets me as I attempt to rise. The reality is that this is far better than the wet hand towel my father used to wield to get me up for school when I was a kid. My, how times have changed! First, the wet sting of a towel, then an alarm clock, and, now, my Personal Companion (PC) 2030 life system that I namedSammy after my childhood dog.

My LifeLike PC2030 series, now in its third generation, has made amazing progress since it was first launched five years ago. In addition to myPC2030, I also added the home robot assistant when I subscribed. Initially,the robot was awkward, unable to navigate adroitly around my home and certainly not capable of moving up or down steps. Today, Sammy can navigate anything I put in its way.

Waking up with Sammy has taken some adjustment, as I opted for the embedded voice control when I purchased him. As such, Sammy is not an external noise I hear, but, rather, an inside voice. It makes me laugh as I always think of that Disney movie from 2015, “Inside Out”. Sammy’s voice used to sound so robotic, but now it’s just like talking to a friend because of the true conversational natural language.

He proactively reminds me about things like birthdays and taking my medication. He even prompts me when I am coming up on a work deadline, which is nice because, when I am not traveling for work, I work from home. Sammy does all of this, proactively, throughout the day, nudging me to take action.Yesterday, he saved me when I was on a call that was running long. Instead of constant late reminders like it used to be, Sammy not only gently nudged me, but he also let attendees in my next meeting know that I was running late.These latest personal touches are advancements from just a few years ago when, to be honest, the system could be quite annoying with its constant reminders. I marvel at how the next series of programming will look! Sammy continues to gradually learn more and more about me each week, including things like my personal taste preferences and even my mood swings.

Sammy is also my home’s control center. He aggregates all of the information flowing around the house and synthesizes it into outcomes.One of the most useful things he does is speak to my family about meal plans. By taking all of the data from the refrigerator and pantry, Sammy is able to design meals that make the best use of all the items in the house while minimizing food waste. He customizes each meal to make sure each person’s dietary needs and health conditions are addressed. When he first arrived, Sammy calculated we wasted close to 40 percent of our food. Now, he is saving our family nearly $300 a month in food costs.Sammy communicates with us regarding our meal options and, if necessary, places an order for any items we are missing with a 30-minute guaranteed delivery.

We bought our house, in part, because it is located within the 30-minute guaranteed delivery window. While this came at a premium, it has been well worth it. Additionally, we settled on this property because it features tied-in location security. Every vehicle and drone is monitored by our subdivision’s security company. When the delivery person arrives with the groceries, Sammy will securely greet them and then put away the delivery. Once Sammy has made our collective decision on food, the rest is automated. I don’t remember the last time I had to go out for milk or eggs. We don’t waste grocery bags anymore—recycled or not.The house is constantly interacting with us, asking whether we plan to have guests or what is on our meal plan for the day. These are the very types of things I never used to like to spend time doing, and now that they are handled by Sammy, it’s such a huge relief.

My favorite part of every morning now is how organized the children are. By the time my wife and I get up, Sammy has already awakened the children on time and prevented them from falling back to sleep by monitoring them until he can acknowledge continuous motion and activity, usually the shower running or constant complaining! All clothes are laid out the night before and breakfast is ready to go for the morning. I can sometimes be slow to rise and get out of the house, and I had a habit of being frequently late, but since handing off some of these mundane tasks to Sammy, it has been a major timesaver.

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