20 march, singapore expo

AIBotics 2024 @ BuildTech Asia

"Leveraging Technologies of AI & Robotics in Smart Construction"

World of Drones and Robotics 2022
Singapore Edition

Pit Stop Challenge

"Automating Intelligence at Work"
Providing Aspiring Professionals to Pitch and Develop Their Innovation & Case for Improving QoL

We Hope To Achieve

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to Shape Innovation
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to Greater Economic Value
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to Enhance QoL

Pit Stop Challenge
for Start-Ups!

  • An opportunity for Students to demonstrate agile adoption of technologies to address the Future of Work by manifesting innovative functions of automating intelligence at work, such as analytics, human-machine collaboration, complex decision making, etc.
  • Prototypes and/or concept models will be presented on A1 frames to and assessed by the panel of international experts.
  • Main criteria: Effectiveness ofHuman-Machine Collaboration for the Ethical and Responsible use of AI inRobotics.
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