AIBotics @ Partner Events

AIBotics will be co-hosting a number of satellite forums with our Partners from cities around the world. These forums will address specific technology issues in the local context. All are welcome to attend these events.

AIBotics @ BTA 2023

"Transforming Tomorrow's Built Environment"

30 March 2023

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AIBotics @ MRSP Mid-Year Convention 2023

"Creating a New Era with Cutting-Edge Innovations in Mechatronics and Robotics Technologies"

4 May 2023
Manila, Philippines
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AIBotics @ BCT Expo 2023

"Towards Digitalization of the Building
& Construction Industry"

20 September 2023
Bangkok, Thailand
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AIBotics @ Robot World 2023

"Smart Industry. Smart Life."

11 October 2023
Seoul, South Korea
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